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The name of the Bengal cat comes from Felis Bengalensis, the scientific name of the star cat, in Latin. It is a new breed of cat that originated from the crossbreeding of the Asian star cat with the native cat of the United States. To maintain the strong physical resemblance of the wild cat ancestor. and to get a cat breed that is suitable for family raising

The Bengal cat looks like a wild cat, is strong, and can clearly see the muscles. There is a balance of muscle and body size. Bengal cats have strong jaws. There are dark spots around the eyes, small ears, but rounded at the tip of the ears. short to medium hair The surface is firm and smooth. There is also a unique coat color of the breed unlike other cats: polka dots, rosettes, arrows, or marbles, where most of the dots appear in random patterns. or positioned horizontally along the body. The Bengal cat has a life expectancy of about 14-16 years, which is similar to that of other cat breeds

Bengal cats are affectionate cats. it’s energetic, agile, loves to climb. The Bengal is also an intelligent cat who likes to observe things around him and can make unique vocals.

Because cats are carnivores. This makes a high protein diet important. And because the Bengal cat is descended from the star cat. As a result, their dietary requirements for meat may refer to normal diets that star cats eat, such as birds, lizards, or insects. But nowadays, cat food on the market contains less protein than carbohydrates such as corn, rice, or soy, making the Bengal cat unsuitable for this diet. Tablets with insufficient protein content

The ideal food for the Bengal cat today is Safe for Eating Raw Meat (BARF), which is fresh and unprocessed meat. The owner can make the Bengal cat himself. But if you want to buy, you should buy food that contains more than 50-80% protein of the total nutrient content.

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