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The Sobbing Lion Monument

The Sobbing Lion Monument

Lion of Lucerne or the Sobbing Lion Monument is a sculpture carved into a cliff located in Lucerne One of the most popular tourist destinations in Switzerland.
This monument was erected to commemorate the Swiss military units hired by the French royal court to serve as their guards. Later, when the French Revolution broke out in 1792, revolutionaries invaded the Tuileries Palace in Paris.
Even the members of the royal family had already fled the palace before the revolutionaries arrived. But around 1,000 Swiss soldiers stood their ground in defending the palace. In addition to the soldiers who died in the palace There were also some Swiss soldiers who died while escorting Louis XVI to take refuge in the National Assembly building.
The lion’s was attact by spear wounded near death. Lie down next to the shield and spear placed on it. It conveys the sorrow, courage and sacrifice of the guards who died to defend honor and dignity. Instead of betraying an oath of allegiance

image by: Godot13

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