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the unicorn of the sea.

the unicorn of the sea.

image of a narwhal with two cubs Photographed in the Canadian Arctic by Canadian photographer Jenny Wong.

Narwhal Scientific name: Monodon monoceros is a medium-sized toothed whale. Spend year-round in the Arctic Males are distinguished by their long, straight, threaded tusks that protrude from their left upper jaw. which in fact is Their single tooth, which can be up to 3 meters long, is found mainly in the Canadian Arctic and the Greenland Sea.

For some males, there may be up to two teeth. while the female may have it too, but it is not as long and not as prominent. At present, it is not known exactly what it is for. As a result, in the Middle Ages, narwhal tusks were sold at high prices to the nobility. and is seen as the unicorn of the sea.
Narwhal’s population is now at risk. especially from climate change and food shortages.


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